64 Hexagrams II

Pre-requisite: 64 Hexagrams I


Go deeper in your understanding of the 64 Hexagrams with this unique course that not only shares with you how each Hexagram is linked to a certain meaning, it also provides the background story of each Hexagram in an easy manner for the modern people to relate with.

Every Hexagram has a story behind, however there are many missing parts not told or shared in either the modern or ‘traditional’ books. Enrich your knowledge under the guidance of our founder, Wilson Heng, and begin your journey on the 64 Hexagrams that reveals the inner-workings of the Universe through the eyes of ancient Chinese Metaphysicians. Learn how these ancient teachings have affected the thoughts and behaviour of the Chinese through a clear understanding of the energies that have helped to 

shape the civilisation.

This is one valuable course that goes into the heart of each Hexagram, studying the development of the energies within each and every Hexagram, and giving you the examples on how each Hexagram 

behave under different circumstances.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the background of each Hexagram
  • the Hexagram energy development process
  • the inner movements within each Hexagram
  • the correlation between the Hexagram and human behaviour
  • the hidden secrets of the Hexagrams
  • the untold meaning of each Hexagram
  • the advanced application of 64 Hexagram Visualisation™ technique