Yin Yang & Body Wellness™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


Learn how to take good care of the body wellness of yourself and your loved ones with this unique course. This course breaks down the complex human body into easy-to-understand Yin & Yang concepts, and allows one to decipher a person’s wellness issues using plain and simple Yijing theories. Highly recommended for those who want to further their studies in Chinese Metaphysics to truly understand how one’s body is developed and how it is related with the Nature. The knowledge and skills learnt in this course can also be applied to all other metaphysics studies, including Fengshui, Prediction, Qi Men, Life Frequency, etc..

Learn how the Yin & the Yang energies work, and how you can leverage on them to maximise

your body wellness.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the many secrets of our human body based upon Yijing, which is the foundation of all Chinese Metaphysics
  • how Yin & Yang develop in your body
  • the Yijing secrets in identifying and mapping our Body Energies & Frequencies
  • the Yijing Dream Deciphering Methodology
  • the Yijing Face Reading Methodology
  • the Yijing secrets to Body Wellness & the proprietary techniques of performing Multiple Frequency Correlation™ (MFC) in identifying problems relating to the body wellness
  • the many techniques and skills in sharpening your observation capability for potential issues, and even knowing them without any obvious signs or symptoms
  • 12 Meridian Systems Speed Reading™ : an advanced technique to grasp and learn the knowledge on the 12 Meridian Systems, and understand the issues associated with each easily
  • the many natural methods leveraging on the Yin-Yang concept in addressing and providing solutions to common problems
  • how to take the guesswork out of proper nutrition and build a lasting foundation for body wellness naturally.

In essence, you will learn how to leverage on the Yin & Yang energies to take good care of your body, 

and to live well the natural way.