Yin Yang & Body Wellness™ II

Pre-requisite: Yin Yang & Body Wellness™ I


Enhancement to module 1, in this module we discuss how to identify the various spots in the body using Yin Yang & the 5 Elements. The syllabus goes further and provide the techniques and answers to how one can identify the 5 Elements on each meridian. 

Learn the skill of reading the 5 Elements on the Meridians, and study how you can analyse a person’s body wellness based on just the 5 Elements. This unique course is one-of-its-kind and is taught using the fundamentals of Yijing — Yin Yang & the 5 Elements.

Expand your knowledge on metaphysics starting with the good understanding of your own body, and then correlate this with what you observe from Fengshui, Qi Men, and other forms of metaphysics. Learn how you can apply Multiple Frequency Correlation™, the methodology created by our founder, Wilson Heng,

 to analyse the issues and to arrive at the correct answers.

Further your knowledge on the 12 Meridian Systems with advanced teachings in the Yin Yang & 5 Elements 

of each Meridian.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Advanced Reading on the 12 Meridian Systems
  • Identification and Activation of the 5 Elements in the 12 Meridians
  • How Energy Flows with Yin & Yang in the Body
  • Conversions of The 5 Element Energies
  • Advanced Yijing Body Wellness Reading Methodology
  • Advanced Multiple Frequency Correlation™ for Problem Identification
  • Advanced Fengshui Correlation for Body Wellness
  • Yijing Energy Rejuvenation™ — Tuning to Body Wellness State

Crack the deep code of body wellness from Yin Yang perspective. This is truly the unique and most advanced course in body wellness teachings using Yin Yang concepts from Yijing.