Yin Yang & Body Wellness™ III

Pre-requisite: Yin Yang & Body Wellness™ II


This is the course for those who have managed to complete the first 2 modules successfully. After decoding the 5 Elements on each meridian, it is time to break each meridian down into parts for us to examine 

the inner-workings of our body.

See how the 5 Elements in each meridian works separately and yet how all these components can come together to achieve the harmony in our body. This course explains some of the most difficult-to-understand body operations through the powerful Chinese Metaphysics concepts. All these have never been revealed before, and this truly advanced training will be personally led by our founder, Wilson Heng.

Dive deep in your understanding on the 5 Elements in this unique course to achieve the breakthrough in your Metaphysics study. Learn to be able to perform deep analysis of one’s body wellness using the observations from the external of a person’s condition. Correlate from the slightest clues and arrive at an 

accurate analysis of one’s body.

In addition, learn the Yin and Yang of the body structure, and see how you can strengthen your body from within. This interesting subject has been included in this module to provide our students with an in-depth knowledge of the Yin & Yang of our hidden energies.

You will also get the chance to have hands-on experience in the class by learning the advanced reading of 

the face for body wellness through the unique Yin-Yang technique.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how the 5-Element energies work within each meridian
  • how the meridians communicate in the Yin-Yang manner
  • how to achieve better health through the transfer of energies
  • how to achieve the advanced state of energy rejuvenation
  • the tips to power-charging the mind & body through harmonious Yin-Yang methods
  • the secrets in human body operations observed through Yin Yang and the 5 Elements
  • the Yin and Yang of the body structure
  • strengthening of the body from the bones
  • advanced face reading for body wellness