Date Selection for Success™

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


When a person is looking for a solution in Chinese Metaphysics, one is often simply looking at certain aspects such as Fengshui (风水), Bazi Analysis (八字论命), or Divination (算命). Little that one knows, there is something unique that can be done, and done in a very powerful manner. When used correctly, it can bring significant changes to one’s life, such as closing that million dollar deal, securing your dream monthly 5-digit salary job, getting your dream house, public listing your business,

getting into a beautiful relationship with the person you desire, etc.. 

This is Date Selection (择日法), and in TRUE YIJING, it goes beyond just selecting a date. In fact, we call this “Transformation Day™” — a quick and proven way to transform oneself, to achieve success, happiness, wealth, prosperity, and of course, great health! Well, if you do not already know, in the past, Date Selection (择日法) used to be known as “造命法”, or “Life Creation Methodology”,

which literally means creating a new life for a person.

Leverage on Date Selection to transform yourself into a successful person to achieve what you want in life. Learn the secret techniques of Transformation Day™, a unique methodology created by TRUE YIJING

that has helped many in making their dreams come true.

Understand why one cannot simply pick a date from the Tong Shu (通书), and how a date can be good for some and yet not for the others.

Learn the real definition of a good date and the dates to avoid for yourself. Understand the rationale behind the selection process of the best date and time for a particular event or activity.

Learn how you can choose the date and time for a Transformation Day™, an opening ceremony, a wedding, delivery/birth time, moving house, house warming, starting a business, renovation, and many many more!

Leveraging on the strong foundation of Yijing, which is the core fundamental of all Chinese Metaphysics, you will be able to learn and master the most accurate way in determining an auspicious time to perform a task, from a simple one to a major event in your life!

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Scientific Background of Date Selection
  • The Core Essence of Date Selection
  • The Untold Secrets in Date Selection
  • The Transformation Day™
  • Know the Difference: Good and Bad Dates
  • The Date Selection for Success™ Methodology
  • The Key Energies Used in Identifying the Dates
  • Applications of Date Selection
    • Life Success
    • Career Advancement
    • Wealth Multiplication
    • Public Listing of Business
    • Dream House Achievement
    • Fengshui Object Placement
    • Opening Ceremony
    • ROM / Wedding Date
    • Delivery Birth Date
    • Renovation / Moving In / House Warming
    • and many more…