Yin Yang Face Reading™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


When it comes to Face Reading, what picture comes to your mind? Is it a photo having a face with 100+ spots over it, and written with Chinese jargons difficult to understand? Or is it about the superstitious divination reading?

If you truly understand the Science of Face Reading, then reading one’s appearance is indeed a scientific and professional skill. To add on to that, there is absolutely no need to memorise any spot on the face in order to learn Face Reading. 

As the core fundamental of this course, you will learn the Science of Face Reading; understand what makes Face Reading works, and how the ancient people had developed this amazing skill through careful studies and very detailed observations. 

In TRUE YIJING, we believe in teaching you the best approach to Face Reading. This means you will not only learn how to perform accurate Face Reading, you will also be able to understand the core essence of it, and to leverage on the never-ending list of applications for Face Reading.

Among the important applications include the in-depth study of one’s body wellness through Face Reading. This is crucial as one’s face provides abundance of details with regards to his/her body, and it is fairly easy for one to pick up the hidden messages on one’s face if you learn Face Reading the right way through TRUE YIJING.

In addition, learn the tips and secrets in providing the best solutions and enhancements in our Face Reading course. Learn Yin Yang Face Reading™, a unique face reading course you will never find anywhere. It is the only face reading course taught using a pure Yin Yang methodology.

For those who have learnt Face Reading, you will know that there are many different ways of performing Face Reading and the readings can vary from school to school.

To get things right, we must always start with the correct fundamentals. Learning it in the right way also means we do not need to just memorise all the stuff! The right approach should be understanding it and being able to apply it any time, anywhere. 

In this course, you will learn:

  • what Face Reading is about, and why you do not need to memorise anything to perform an amazing face reading
  • Yin Yang Face Reading™: the advanced Face Reading based purely on the strong fundamentals of Yijing (Yin Yang)
  • how to perform highly accurate readings simply by studying anyone’s face
  • how to analyse one’s body wellness through Yin Yang Face Reading™
  • how to study the Meridian Systems on the face
  • the tips and secrets to provide the best solutions and enhancements
  • how to use the advanced Multiple Frequency Correlation™ technique developed by TRUE YIJING