Yin Yang Face Reading™ II

Pre-requisite: Yin Yang Face Reading™ I


Learn how to decipher anyone through his/her appearance, without the need to memorise any spots on the face. Simply understand and apply the unique skills and techniques developed and taught only in TRUE YIJING.

See how our students have deciphered and understood even via the readings from famous to infamous people, or anyone on the street.

In this course, you will learn:

  • deciphering the Qi flow via one’s appearance
  • recognising one’s health conditions, and strengthening them
  • identifying and understanding the differences between the energies developed in various parts of the body
  • reading heart and brains wellness: how to protect ourselves
  • studying energies and transforming negatives ones to good ones
  • decision-making through leveraging the identified energies on one’s appearance
  • advanced correlations of the meridians and spots on the face
  • wealth creation through customised energy development based on individual’s reading