Life Frequency Analysis™ I

Pre-requisite: Prediction Express™


Life Frequency Analysis™ — Deciphering a Person’s Life On-the-Fly

When it comes to learning Chinese Metaphysics, many people limit their studies to Bazi and Qi Men Dun Jia, especially when it relates to the analysis of a person’s life. This is a pity as there are many more powerful methodologies that one can learn and apply when it comes to analysing, verifying, and even providing solutions for a person.

To be successful in analysing a person’s life, we need to be able to study and understand the person’s life frequency. So what do we mean when we talk about a person’s Life Frequency™? Well, all these boil down to a very simple fact: every matter in our Universe is what it is because of its underlying energy, and it appears as what it is based on its very own frequency.


Humans, like all matters in our Universe, each has his/her own life frequency.

Therefore, by reading one’s frequency, we are able to figure out the underlying energy and hence decipher a person’s life easily. This is done in a scientific manner and using this method we can consistently achieve accurate results with many people.

The fact is, the life frequency exhibited by each and every human can be read by the trained eyes. In essence, Life Frequency Analysis™ is a skill that can be learnt and mastered by everyone.

TRUE YIJING Life Frequency Analysis™ is a skill of reading just about anyone’s life without the need to ask for the birth details from the person. It is a powerful method in accurately determining a person’s strength and weaknesses, and it helps one to know how to apply the right solutions during difficult situations.

In TRUE YIJING, there are several terms we use that are unique to this teaching. Indeed, we have added many powerful methodologies when it comes to learning and applying this ancient knowledge. The whole approach to Life Frequency Analysis™ centers on one basic principle — the reading of one’s Frequency, and in our course program we have created easy-to-understand tips for our students to master this skill.

The accuracy of the analysis is important to us. Indeed, there are many forms of life readings. Many of these readings, for example, Fortune-Telling, Divinations, etc., do not focus on accuracy and they tend to yield poor results in their remedies. This is due to the fact that a lot of these so-called life divinations are merely projecting the future without any reference to the past. That is, a person’s past has never been verified before discussing about the trend for the future.

So, whatever the method used, it is important to have one that is able to verify a person’s past accurately before proceeding to talk about the future.

Doing Life Frequency Analysis™ for a person is often fun because there are so many aspects to explore. When you perform an analysis in the right manner, you can tell a stranger about his/her entire life, even without knowing his/her Bazi, in an accurate and yet fast manner, without needing any complex chart and/or software.

Unlike doing a Prediction on an event, a relationship, a project, etc., performing Life Analysis requires more skills and therefore one needs to have a good foundation to do it accurately and correctly.

Indeed TRUE YIJING Life Frequency Analysis™ methodology is unique and has helped many practitioners to open up a whole new multi-dimension when studying a person’s life. This not only makes the reading more interesting, it also allows one to accurately pinpoint the underlying issues not noticed when done in the traditional ways.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the art and skills in performing a Life Frequency analysis
  • how to read a person’s life from the past to the present
  • the projection of the person’s future path
  • how to identify the person’s strength and weakness
  • how to leverage on the person’s energies
  • the techniques to read the energies surrounding this person
  • how to apply advanced Multiple Frequency Correlation™
  • the creation and activation of a new frequency if the existing one is not desirable