Prediction Eyes™ Basic

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


While there are many predicting and forecasting skills available, it is often challenging to learn them. Other than the steep learning curve, applying these skills are usually not easy and very often it takes time to come to a conclusion or to even complete the analysis.

Is there any faster way of determining the results without compromising the accuracy of your analysis? Are we able to visualise the future of an event, or a person, easily and without involving complex formulas or relying on the software to plot charts?

Prediction Eyes™ is a revolutionary course giving everyone a whole new perspective on how predictions and/or forecasts are done. Leveraging on the strong fundamentals of Yijing, using purely Yin Yang & the 5 Elements, Prediction Eyes™ allows one to quickly establish the relationships between things such as the event, the person, the concerning matters, etc., and arrive at a meaningful conclusion to help one to visualise the outcome for any subject matter.

Powerful and fast, Prediction Eyes™ not only helps one to make quick and correct decisions, it sharpens our students’ abilities to decipher the situations in a deeper and more impactful manner.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Essence of Prediction Eyes™
  • The Ever-changing Yin & Yang
  • Leveraging on Ever-changing Yin & Yang
  • The Running 5 Elements
  • Moving Time
  • Catching the Moment
  • Plotting the Invisible Charts
  • Using Qi Men for Fast Prediction