Prediction Express™

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


How does Prediction work in Metaphysics, and what can we learn from this knowledge, besides understanding in advance how things will develop? If you are keen to find out more,

this unique course is for you.

In this course, you will learn:

  • what Prediction practices are all about and the various methodologies used & the theories behind them drawing from the strong fundamentals of Yijing
  • how to perform Prediction with ease and without the use of any tools, cards, coins, etc., and yet achieve high accuracy in your analysis
  • why some Prediction methods never worked well and what mistakes people often made when learning this skill
  • what Frequencies are and how to leverage them in your prediction
  • how to plot Prediction Charts
  • how to build your strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics for the study of the correct Prediction techniques and methodologies
  • how your Prediction skills can help one in any situation from simple matters like finding a car park lot to complex matters like shares trading, lawsuit, or predicting one’s house Fengshui, partnership, and many more
  • how to read a company business, to analyse its strength and weakness, and to predict its future
  • the ‘SECRET’ techniques used only by the great masters

Apart from leveraging on the techniques to verify the past for others, this course also teaches you how to overcome the coming obstacles and challenges. We will be imparting the proprietary and powerful TRUE YIJING technique of performing Multiple Frequencies Correlation™ (MFC) in identifying issues

and problems when it comes to complex situations.