Qi Fengshui™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


Qi Fengshui is one of the most ancient and powerful methodologies among the Fengshui schools. It utilises the Luopan 羅盤 (a compass used by the Fengshui masters) in a very unique manner, leveraging on the 5 Elements (五行) and the Later Heaven 8 Trigrams (後天八卦).

Grasp the basic Qi Fengshui concepts and understand the right approach in Qi Fengshui so that you can derive highly accurate analysis, and enhance your own home or office space by yourself.

Understand why most Fengshui masters use Luopan during the Fengshui audit and why the Luopan is an important tool in Qi Fengshui. Learn the tips and tricks in turning your Luopan into a powerful tool to create success and happiness at home or in the office. Pick up pointers on how to apply it to garner wealth and improve the quality of your relationships.

Included in this course are also the advanced methods of Qi Fengshui to provide you insights into the untold secrets in reading a house. For example, learn how to go deep in your analysis using TRUE YIJING’s Multiple Frequency Correlation™ methodology. This is one advanced skill deployed only by the experienced masters. 

Besides this, you will learn how to analyse using complex formation of the Hexagrams (卦) observed using your eyes in any environment through TRUE YIJING’s Fengshui Gua™ methodology. The Fengshui Gua™ examines everything at home or in the office using the Hexagrams, and draws amazingly accurate conclusion. Learn how to leverage on the The Fengshui Gua™ capability to also create the results you want in life. This is the true power of TRUE YIJING’s Qi Fengshui.

The course also teaches the correct way to conduct professional Fengshui audits so that by the end of the course, you can even start your very own professional Fengshui audit, with high accuracy and professional flair.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the real reasons why you use a Luopan for Qi Fengshui analysis
  • what Qi Fengshui practices are all about, the various methodologies used & the theories behind them drawing from the strong fundamentals of Yijing
  • the advanced techniques used by Fengshui Masters to extract every bit of data about the house/office
  • how to master the skills to give amazingly accurate analysis about one's past just by studying the person's house/office and it's environment
  • what Qi Fengshui Frequency™ is
  • how to select a new house and avoid those with bad Qi Fengshui frequencies
  • the powerful proprietary technique of performing Multiple Frequencies Correlation™ (MFC) in identifying deep underlying issues and problems when it comes to complex situations that may go undetected with the typical techniques and methodologies. (This is one technique, not taught elsewhere, that not only addresses the shortcomings of the Earlier & Later Heaven 8 Trigrams, it also allows superb precision and accuracy in one's analysis.)
  • the various advanced methods in applying remedies and enhancements for the various aspects of Life, e.g. Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, Children, etc…
  • the powerful applications of Fengshui Gua™, a methodology developed by TRUE YIJING to decipher complex Fengshui layout
  • how to implement modern, subtle, and  yet effective Fengshui solutions

Course Highlights:

~ The Background & Science of Qi Fengshui

~ Understanding Yin-Yang & 5 Elements

~ The Earlier Heaven 8 Trigrams

~ The Later Heaven 8 Trigrams

~ The 24 Solar Terms

~ Recognising the Environment Factors & The Bright Hall

~ Plotting the Big and Small Taiji Points: How to Do It Correctly

~ Applying the 8 Trigrams and 24 Sectors onto the Floor Plan

~ Deciphering the 64 Hexagrams

~ The Fengshui Gua™

~ Understanding the Good and Bad Fengshui Frequencies

~ TRUE YIJING Advanced Qi Fengshui Remedies and Solutions

~ Advanced Enhancements for Qi Fengshui: Wealth, Relationship, Studies, Career and Business

~ Embracing and Managing Qi

~ TRUE YIJING Multiple Frequencies Correlation™

~ Case Studies & Analysis