Qi Fengshui™ II

Pre-requisite: Qi Fengshui™ I


Not all Yijing Fengshui are the same. In this module, we leverage on the advanced studies of the Fengshui Frequencies™  to help students to see how complex analysis could be formed and how problems could be solved using the new methodologies. The aim is simple: to enable our students to crack the difficult fengshui environment and to provide powerful solutions to tackle the challenging situations.

Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™ is a new methodology we’re sharing in this module and it could be deployed when solving complex Fengshui situations. Besides identifying and solving complex issues such as addictions, violence, straining relationships, challenging business, etc., it also allows one to leverage on the precise findings so as to be creative with the solutions that can be provided to solve the complex issues.

Find peace, harmony, wealth, and health with the creation of Fengshui Frequencies™ using Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™. Learn how you can crack the hidden codes in difficult fengshui situations and see how to overcome the challenges with the new insights through Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™, a methodology created by our founder, Wilson Heng. It aims to address the challenges faced by many practitioners, masters, and even teachers. This is not taught anywhere else.

Study and apply Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™ techniques during any fengshui audit, and see how you can breakthrough from the usual study.

For example, how can we tell using Qi Fengshui™ whether a business is franchised or owned? Why must the issue be food poisoning and not a simple tummy ache? How do we tell the difference between leukaemia and lymphoma, and who will suffer in a house when the conditions arise? Why is the boss prospering even though he or she is not sitting in an ideal Qi Fengshui position?

Find your answers in Qi Fengshui™ II, where we will be sharing these and more with our students, leveraging on the Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™ methodology.

This is a must for students who want to excel in their Qi Fengshui study to complete their visualisation map for a holistic study of the entire Fengshui of the house.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Creation of Complex Fengshui Gua™
  • Multiple Frequency Correlation™ in Pointed Qi™
  • Qi Catchment Area™
  • Creation of Qi Catchment Area™
  • Advanced Qi Fengshui Frequency™
  • Creation of Specific Qi Fengshui Frequency™
  • * Prosperity & Wealth
  • * Best of Health
  • * Great Opportunity
  • * Harmony
  • Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™
  • Applications of Qi Fengshui Purpose & Empowerment™
  • Case Studies & Analysis for Advanced Practitioners