Qi Men Success in Business and Career™

Pre-requisite: Qi Men Introduction


Whether you are a businessman or businesswoman, or an employee working for a company, this course aims to help you to create success by leveraging your Qi Men knowledge and skillsets in your working environment.

Learn how to use Qi Men to overcome the obstacles one may face when starting a business. See how Qi Men explains your business in a nutshell and gives you the most accurate analysis of your past, present, and future situations.

See how you can leverage on the 8 Appearances (八神) to create the business scenarios and achieve what you want for your business. Know what strategies you can deploy when it comes to your business, and win with the smartest move.

Implement the 8 Doors for your business so you can trap the opportunities and secure your contracts using the Qi Men Visualisation™ method taught only in TRUE YIJING

Leverage on the 9 Stars to get support from various sources, from government, business partners, suppliers, and even your customers.

In this course, you will learn:

  • what can be tuned for your business/career 8 Doors to generate success
  • how to implement the 8 Doors to trap opportunities and wealth
  • how to create business scenarios using the 8 Appearances
  • how to draw support from the 9 Stars
  • the key points in drawing a business strategy
  • creating the vibes for success in your business/career
  • the secrets to promoting yourself and/or your business using Qi Men