Qi Men Success in Life Analysis and Transformation™

Pre-requisite: Qi Men Introduction


A lot has been said about using Qi Men for warfares. How then do we create success along with happiness and harmony for one’s life using Qi Men?

This course provides the answers on how Qi Men can be used to read one’s life, and to create the transformation that one desires: to be happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful in life.

Use Qi Men to find your strength and weaknesses, and understand the timings most suitable for you to expand and achieve your goals.

Learn and apply the Qi Men strategies to find your wealth pots, and leverage on them to create happiness and harmony with your loved ones.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to read a person’s life using Qi Men
  • how to find your door of peace and happiness
  • what are the keys to create powerful energies for an individual
  • how to leverage on the 8 Doors to achieve great body wellness
  • how you can uncover your greatest potentials with the 8 Doors
  • what you can get from the 9 Stars to make your wish come true
  • the secret ‘vibes’ you can create for romance and love life
  • how to use Qi Men to build your wealth pots
  • Qi Men Success in Life Transformation™: how you can transform from the current state to a better and more energetic state