Qi Men Success in Prediction™

Pre-requisite: Qi Men Introduction


Predicting the future or forecasting the outcome of an event has never been the easiest thing for many Qi Men practitioners. Despite the fact some may even be using expensive software, they are still trapped in reading and getting an accurate forecast. On top of this, the complexity of the chart often kills the eager interest to purse further for the enthusiastic practitioners.

How then do we achieve accurate analysis using Qi Men? And on top of this, how do we perform speed reading for Qi Men charts without using sophisticated and expensive software?

In this course, we aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills in deciphering the Qi Men charts, leveraging on advanced techniques such as Qi Men Visualisation™ and Multiple Frequency Correlation™, created by our founder, Wilson Heng.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the art and skills in deriving a Qi Men forecast
  • how to plot a Qi Men chart for prediction
  • the basis of a Qi Men chart for prediction
  • how to perform speed-reading in a Qi Men chart
  • analysis on many different cases including the followings:
  • - weather
  • - stock market
  • - job application
  • - yearly forecast
  • - lawsuit
  • - partnership
  • - health
  • - hidden intentions
  • - hidden matters
  • - job promotion
  • - prospects