Situational Fengshui™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


Is there a way to decipher the untold secrets of Fengshui without the use of a Luopan, that is, the compass? Or have you ever learnt the Landform Fengshui, finding it tough and still wondering what are the logics behind it? Is the Landform Fengshui only for the mountains and rivers, how could you apply them in the built environment you are living in now? What do you know about Sha Qi (煞气) and how can you turn the negative energy to a positive one without the use of superstitious traditional Fengshui products?

Learn the many advanced techniques used by Fengshui Masters, as well as understand the fundamental logic to why and how you can extract every bit of data about the house/office without any Luopan. Master the skills to identify the hidden messages in every house/office Fengshui through visual reading.

Learn what TRUE YIJING's unique Yijing Yin Yang Fengshui™ methodology is about to leverage on this powerful tool when it comes to complex situations.

Course Highlights:

  • The analysis of Fengshui without the use of Luopan (or the compass).
  • Learn how to identify the hidden messages in every house Fengshui through visual reading.
  • Understand the Science in Situational Fengshui to explain any phenomenon in a scientific and logical manner.
  • Leverage on TRUE YIJING's unique Yijing Yin Yang Fengshui™ methodology to provide a fast and accurate way in analysing the Fengshui of an unit.
  • Learn how to apply advanced methodology using TRUE YIJING's Multiple Frequency Correlation™.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Reading of Landforms — in the Nature as well as in the built environment
  • The Interpretation of Sha Qi (煞气) — what they really are and how they can affect you
  • The Relationships of the Family Members — how one relates to another under one roof
  • The Collection of Wealth — how you can leverage on this to increase your earnings and grow your wealth
  • The Body Wellness Balance — the secrets to great health leveraging the Yin & Yang, and how you can interpret the body wellness of a person or even the entire family just by visually reading the house's Fengshui.