Situational Fengshui™ II

Pre-requisite: Situational Fengshui™ I


For students who want to know more about Landform Reading and how to manage the Qi in Situational Fengshui, this course is a must. More secrets are shared in this module with details on what your observations will bring to you. Learn to read from a landform perspective and see how you can even build a house from scratch with this advanced knowledge.

Embrace this advanced learning with more real-life case studies. In the first course we introduce the concepts of Situational Fengshui™, and in this advanced course we want to bring forth the key essence in Situational Fengshui™ — Yin Yang and the Running Qi™.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the Reading of Situational Fengshui™ Qi — what does this mean and how do we interpret the Qi
  • The Running Qi™: the flow of the Qi from a Situational Fengshui™ perspective
  • the time factor in advanced Situational Fengshui
  • advanced Multiple Frequency Correlation™ in Situational Fengshui™
  • the Underlying (Hidden) Energies in Situational Fengshui™ — what do they represent and what do we learn from them
  • the Creation of Wealth using Situational Fengshui™
  • the Creation of Harmony using Situational Fengshui™
  • Achieving Body Wellness using Situational Fengshui™
  • Landform Reading and the Creation of a Nest