Yijing Bazi™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


Ever wondered why some people have been spending their entire life learning Bazi and yet still struggling with their analysis?

Some of the common misconceptions about Bazi analysis that hindered the learning progress are, for example, how the Gods and Sha’s (神煞) are interpreted, how the Useful Gods are used, how to read Useful Gods, etc..

To make things more complicated, some students are confused by the various teachings from different schools, from static to dynamic readings of the Useful Gods, Noble Gods, and trying to ‘catch’ the dynamic and/or the static readings, etc..

The answer to mastering this skill is in the approach one uses to learn and to decipher Bazi. Learn the correct way to decode the Bazi chart, and you will find Bazi to be a really fun and interesting knowledge that you can apply easily.

Once you have mastered the correct way to analyse, reading any Bazi Chart is easy with our Bazi Speed Reading™ technique.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the scientific approach in reading Bazi drawing from the strong fundamentals of Yijing, which is the fundamental of all Chinese Metaphysics
  • Bazi in a very unique way radically different from the ‘traditional’ Bazi teachings, giving high accuracies with clear understanding of a person’s energies
  • the background of Bazi and how to form one’s Bazi
  • the powerful Bazi Speed Reading™ methodology to dive deep into the analysis in a fast manner
  • the highly accurate analytical methodology of revealing one's past without being told, and the capability of predicting the future
  • how to decipher and explain clearly the energies related to one’s self, character, behaviour, study, romance, marriage, health, career, business, wealth, etc..
  • the energies embedded in Bazi, and how the correct precautions and remedies can be taken to deal with life's difficult situations, and similarly, for enhancements to be introduced to one's advantages.

Learn today the scientific approach in reading Bazi based on the strong fundamentals of Yijing, and master this skill with the proven techniques using our Bazi Speed Reading™ methodology.