Yijing Bazi™ II

Pre-requisite: Yijing Bazi™ I Course


Once you have built the foundations in Yijing Bazi™ I course, let’s explore deeper to even decipher how the ancient classic books categorised Bazi formations and explained certain combinations in their unique manners.

Crack the ancient codes so you truly understand the essence of Bazi teachings, and how it was being presented from one generation to another. Leverage on this knowledge to strengthen your Bazi studies and clear the myths most people have on Bazi readings.

With this goal in mind, Yijing Bazi™ II helps one to truly understand Bazi and even be able to explain why certain things happened, using real-life examples and case studies. Since the Yijing Bazi™ II course is meant for those our students who have attended the first module, we have added more case studies and examples to help with their learning process. With a clear knowledge of how energies work upon a set of Bazi, our students will be able to project the future, and give highly accurate forecast.

Expand your knowledge with the vast amount of information provided in this course and be ready to perform Bazi analysis in a powerful yet fast manner.

In addition, this course will also cover the Bazi Running Time™ in greater details, allowing one to leverage on the time to quickly conclude one’s Bazi chart reading with ease.

To help our students perform the best analysis, we have also introduced in this module a Bazi Visualisation™ technique, developed by TRUE YIJING. This technique allows one to visualise and decipher any set of Bazi with ease by going straight to the answers for any specific questions one may have on any set of Bazi. The Bazi Visualisation™ technique is based upon the strong fundamentals of Yijing, which is the foundation of Chinese Metaphysics.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to decipher the ancient classic formations and reveal their untold secrets
  • Bazi combinations and how you can crack the code
  • the common mistakes in Bazi and why people made these mistakes 
  • Running Time™: the relationship between Bazi and Running Time™
  • Running Time™: how to seize the moments for success and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • Bazi Visualisation™: the new way to read Bazi
  • Bazi Visualisation™: how to channel your energies to overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Bazi Visualisation™: how to breakthrough by converting and transforming bad energies to good vibes for success