Yijing Rejuvenation Fengshui™ I

Pre-requisite: None. Suitable for beginners.


The top notch Fengshui provides the complete solution and this includes taking great care of the occupants’ health. 好风水养人 is a typical way of describing how a good Fengshui can cultivate and nurture a person. As the Chinese words imply, the wonderful energy in Fengshui can provide the best support

for the well being of a person.

For many years we have been teaching and sharing the secrets in Yin Yang & Body Wellness™, and pointing to the right way of fine-tuning one’s Fengshui to achieve the best of health and wealth.

This means when you enjoy a good Fengshui for the family, you will be able to benefit from the Fengshui to maintain or even grow healthier than before — you will receive more than the good Qi, and be able to attract the great health, and enjoy the abundance wealth that comes along.

However, this is something that is often missed in traditional Fengshui, and there are obviously many reasons why this is so. We need to ponder why. When one focuses on watching the changes every year, and even making new arrangements to the house Fengshui every year, one loses the sight on the health, which is clearly a major issue and seriously it does not require the so-called ‘yearly Fengshui enhancements’ to ‘generate’ great health. As we have observed, this is one important lesson why many are losing the most important aspect in life — the health, and often as a result of that, losing the wealth as well.

A good Fengshui is not only able to nourish a person’s well being. In fact, 好风水养生。This literally means a wonderful Fengshui can bring uplifting growth. This growth is what we are looking for, and ultimately this brings about a key success factor — the Growth of Continuous Good Qi™ 生生不息。

Maintaining a smooth flow of energy should be the most natural thing in life. Remember, a great Fengshui does not need to come with a high price in object placements, having superstitious beliefs, paying for never-ending Fengshui courses, software, etc.. It should be easy, quick, and powerful in seeing wonderful results.

Creativity, passion, love, wisdom, intellect, etc., are among the beautiful things in life you can develop with a good Fengshui. Here in TRUE YIJING, we call this Yijing Rejuvenation Fengshui™ 易经风水养生™。

Based on the ancient Yin Yang concept, this unique course has been specially designed for those who want to dive deep into understanding how your health and Fengshui come together, and how you can achieve true body wellness through the enhancements of Fengshui.

If bringing great energies and abundance life force to your house or office is what you are looking for,

this is the course for you!


In this course, you will learn:

  • What is 易经风水养生™?
  • Yijing — The Foundation of Ancient Chinese Wisdom
  • Yijing — The Fundamentals of Fengshui
  • Cultivating and Growing the Good Energies
  • The Ancient and Modern Wisdom in Body Wellness
  • Understanding the Health Energies in Our Body
  • Reading the 12 Meridians 十二经络 (Shi Er Jing Luo) in the House
  • Deciphering the 8 Extraordinary Meridian 奇经八脉 (Qi Jing Ba Mai) in the House
  • Mapping and Creating the Meridian Qi Flow in the House
  • Anchoring the Analysis Points for Fengshui
  • Health Reading and Analysis from House Fengshui
  • Solutions and Enhancements for the Meridian Qi Flow
  • The Secrets to Yijing Health Rejuvenation™