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About Us

Wilson has dedicated over a decade to teaching Metaphysics and has extensively traveled the globe to provide training and consultations in numerous countries. With a clientele and student base numbering in the thousands worldwide, he has left a profound impact on the world of Metaphysics.

Personally involved in Metaphysics projects, Wilson has undertaken numerous professional audits for residential and commercial properties. These range from major projects such as business park developments, hotel and shopping mall developments, commercial building development, and land parcel purchases to smaller projects like houses and offices across different continents.

With the goal of cultivating a global student base, Wilson generously shares his wealth of knowledge with anyone eager to learn. Through the development of specialised courses, he has unveiled undisclosed secrets within the realm of Metaphysics, guiding numerous students to overcome challenges.

Wilson’s teachings empower individuals by imparting proven techniques that harness the forces of Mother Nature. Recognised as a Success Strategist, Wilson Heng plays a crucial role in effecting powerful changes within the field of Metaphysics, fostering enduring and positive transformations in people’s lives.

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