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Putting up a mirror to deflect the negative Qi (energy) in a house seems to be a traditional Fengshui practice. Or is that so?

Is there truth or is it a myth to use mirrors to deflect the negative Qi away from a house? Since this is a topic that draws a lot of attention, let’s discuss about it from a Fengshui perspective. If putting up a mirror to deflect the bad energies can also create challenges for the occupants in the house at the same time, what damages can it do, and how does it affect the occupants staying within?

Read on, and learn more about 'The Science of Yijing' with our white paper. 

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Yijing is the fundamental of all Chinese Metaphysics, and whether you are learning Bazi, Fengshui, Prediction, Qi Men Dun Jia, etc., you will need a good foundation in Yijing. However, not all Yijing schools are the same.

TRUE YIJING takes a unique approach to Metaphysics education, and our founder, Wilson Heng, has developed a new teaching system to help students to understand clearly on the fundamentals of Metaphysics. By providing a deep understanding of this knowledge in a modern and practical way, our students can quickly pick up the skills and apply this knowledge in their daily lives.


Holistic Approach

Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry.

TRUE YIJING believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to Metaphysics teaching. This means that our students are taught the fundamentals of Chinese Metaphysics before they acquire the skills in Prediction, Bazi, Fengshui, Qi Men, etc.. We are unique and all our training courses and materials are written based on our research.

Using the knowledge and skills learnt from TRUE YIJING, our students can expand this knowledge easily across the different domains in Metaphysics, from Bazi to Fengshui, Qi Men Dun Jia, to even the Yin Yang of our body systems.

These are the wonders one can do when taking a holistic approach in learning Chinese Metaphysics, learning different applications and skills will become an easy task once you grasp the core essence in Yijing, with TRUE YIJING.

Wilson Heng

Wilson Heng

Our founder, Wilson Heng, created his multi-million fortune in his 20’s and was a retiree in his 30’s. He has, upon his retirement, started full time research and teachings on Metaphysics. 

He has learnt Metaphysics from many teachers. Unsatisfied with the knowledge from the teachers, he had travelled to do his own research and study. Wilson has developed many methods and ways to accurately predict and provide good Fengshui, Bazi, Life Analysis to his clients. His work has astonished many of the Metaphysics practitioners as well as many non-believers of Metaphysics. 

Wilson has traveled extensively and has been to 30 over countries around the world. He has conducted numerous training in different countries, and has students from all over the world. Wilson has also done viewing for many houses, sites, malls, buildings, etc., across the different continents.

Wilson believes in sharing this knowledge with anyone who is keen to learn, and he also believes that the skills can be learnt by anyone with strong interests in it. Through the courses that Wilson has developed, he has helped many in revealing the untold secrets in Metaphysics, and has also helped them to overcome the challenges through learning and applying the proven powerful techniques that leverages on the forces of the Mother Nature.

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