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TRUE YIJING Loyalty Program

TRUE YIJING Loyalty Program is a program that aims to provide our students with advanced skills and knowledge in the study of Metaphysics. This special program has been developed as a form of appreciation for all our students who have been with us and supporting us for many years. The purpose of this program is also to enable our students to spend more time with Teacher Wilson so that they can learn more through the interactions in the courses and programs.

This special coaching program is for one who is very dedicated in the study of Metaphysics. The main objective is to equip this group of students with all the relevant knowledge in understanding the various Metaphysics subjects. A lot of background knowledge is often required in understanding a topic and this can be addressed during the extra hours spent with the teacher.

To offer a choice for everyone, there are currently 2 main packages where students can opt to enrol in this Loyalty Program: the Diamond and Platinum packages. In these packages, there will be additional lessons provided for the students who participate in the program.

You will also be receiving credits which you can use to attend any TRUE YIJING course, or even to take up any consultation you may require.

In summary, this is a truly beneficial program for those who want to deepen their understanding in Metaphysics. It is a great opportunity for one to truly excel in the world of Metaphysics through the in-depth learning of its background. Remember, only a strong foundation in Metaphysics can lead you far in the study of this subject.

You can also expect Teacher Wilson to share the innermost hidden secrets and also the wisdom of the ancient Chinese civilisation through his great knowledge of Chinese history, language, and culture.

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Diamond Package*

For the Diamond Package, you will get to access the following:

1.  Research Program

Individual students will get to discuss with Teacher Wilson Heng on a research program to study on, and can work with the teacher in this program to do a research paper and/or presentation. The purpose of this research program is to give the student a chance to delve deeper into a subject where the student is very keen on. The research program will be related to their TRUE YIJING studies and the topic they wish to research has to be agreed by the teacher.

2.  Intensive Class x 4 Sessions

Students who join us in this program will be eligible to attend these exclusive classes to enhance their skills and knowledge. Students will receive a course schedule for the year so they can follow up with the teacher on their specific programs.

3.  Excursion (Within Singapore) x 1 Trip

Students will get the privilege to go for a Metaphysics excursion in Singapore. In this exciting tour, the group will get to visit interesting places in Singapore to understand the different energies revolving around a place and how this can translate into Fengshui and Life Frequency effects. Students will be given a chance to perform and confirm with the teacher their own analysis during the class on the actual happenings and developments.

4.  Face Reading (Bone Reading Level 1 Workshop)

The first in the world to gain deep insights on the bone structure of human beings and how it can be read externally in a fast and easy manner. This advanced teaching is only for students who have completed their Yin Yang Body Wellness II and Face Reading II courses. There will be hands-on lessons in this workshop.

5.  Certificate of TRUE YIJING Intensive Training 2023 Program

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive the Certificate of TRUE YIJING Intensive Training 2023 Program from Teacher Wilson Heng at the end of the program.

6.  20% Discount for All Course & Consultation Fees

Students taking up this package will automatically enjoy a 20% discount off the list price for any TRUE YIJING courses & consultations signed up during the year 2023.

7.  Exclusive Perks

Students in the Loyalty Program will also enjoy exclusive perks given by TRUE YIJING from time to time. This will include free access to some of our events and webinars throughout Year 2023 and students can also sign up for certain courses (if any) at a special price.

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Fee: SGD$12,000

Credits for Diamond Package: 12,000

Each credit is equivalent to SGD$1.

The credits are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money.

The credits are valid for up to 3 years.

 The credits can be used for course or consultation payments.

Platinum Package*

For the Platinum Package, you will get to access the following:

1.  All programs highlighted in the Diamond Package will be included here.

2.  Yin Yang Body Wellness for Beauty Course

This is the first of its kind body wellness course to achieve beauty through leveraging the Yin & Yang energies within our body, and the Yin & Yang energies in our Nature. This is a 2-day course during which students will learn the fast and powerful ways to improve one’s wellness specifically when it comes to one’s beauty. Free access will be given to students who take up this package.

3.  Face Reading (Bone Reading Level 2 Workshop)

This is the advanced level of Bone Reading and it will be for the students who have completed Bone Reading Workshop (Level 1). There will be hands-on lessons in this workshop.

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Fee: SGD$15,000

Credits for Platinum Package: 15,000

Each credit is equivalent to SGD$1.

The credits are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money.

The credits are valid for up to 3 years.

The credits can be used for course or consultation payments.


Core Values of TRUE YIJING Loyalty Program

The followings are the core values of our TRUE YIJING Loyalty Program:

  1. Passion: Nurture and grow your passion in life. Go beyond learning the skills and knowledge and apply them to help yourself or someone whenever possible.
  2. Respect: Always be respectful to all living things in the world. Respect others and yourself in a manner that you will be proud of in the many years to come.
  3. Integrity: Always be honest in your study of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is about reading and understanding the energies in a direct and honest manner, and your foundation is important to your study.
  4. Development: Advance your skills and knowledge in Metaphysics and always go for greater heights in your learning journey. This is a lifelong journey so every bit of learning experience will accumulate and add to your success.
  5. Equality: Be humble with your skills and knowledge and always be prepared to associate yourself with the higher form of energy. Everyone is equal and has the ability to learn everything in our Universe.

Remember, we take this loyalty program with PRIDE.

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